2020 - 2021 Sub-Committees of the STEP Singapore (Branch)

Each Sub-Committee is chaired by a Branch Committee member who will report on the work of the Sub-Committee at each Branch Committee meeting.All recommendations of the Sub-Committees must be tabled to the Branch Committee for approval.

The initial term of these Sub-Committees will end in June 2021.

Sub-Committee: Editorial & Technical 

Terms of Reference:


  • To keep members updated on industry developments, promote Singapore trust practice and practitioners and to provide a forum for members to share industry-related information through publications in the STEP journal and website.


  • The Technical Committee comprises STEP professionals from across the trust sector working together to:
    1. Consider the technical impact of legislation and court decisions on the trust industry.
    2. Propose legislation that would be beneficial for the trust industry
    3. Facilitate and represent feedback of STEP members to regulators and statutory authorities in relation to legislation and court decisions with significant impact on the trust industry.

Chair: Annette Sui


·       Genevieve Brunner

·       Felicia Marie Ng

·       John Shoemaker

·       Sim Bock Eng

Sub-Committee: Education & Events

Terms of Reference:

  • Plan and develop ad-hoc workshops and symposiums relevant to the advancement of education of Branch members and affiliates

Chair: Lionel Choi


·       Hannah Bisson

·       Henno Boshoff

·       Guo Jiawen

·       Keith Ng

·       John Shoemaker

Sub-Committee: Members' Engagement

Terms of Reference:

  • To engage the next generation of STEP members from the affiliate members, current, existing and experienced practitioners
  • Organize and/or provide liaisons on activities and events that encourage members and affiliates' engagement with Branch initiatives

Co-Chairs: Serene Lim and Derek Too


·       Angela Koh

·       Shafiq Said

·       Dorothy Tan

Sub-Committee: External Relations

Terms of Reference:

  • To establish and manage contacts, as well as to strengthen relationships, with outside constituents including sponsors, partners, other professional associations, the media and the general public, with a view to enhancing the image, profile, network and knowledge base of STEP Singapore.

Chair: Goh Seow Chee


·     Serene Lim 

·     Deon Yee

·     Sim Bock Eng 


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