On the 13th November 2015, STEP SG partnered SNTC in a musical evening where industry friends donated funds and partake in networking among like-minded individuals. It was heartwarming to see participation from STEP members, foreign guests, members of the public (young and old) and beneficiaries of SNTC. SNTC spoke about its mission and provided an overview of how they worked with families with special needs persons.


What touched the hearts of many that evening was the personal sharing by one of the families that benefited from SNTC's sponsorship. He (the father) spoke about the challenges of caring for his 3 special needs sons amidst his struggle to find employment during the financial crisis. That he was so crest fallen but stoically forged on for the sake of his sons. SNTC used their donations to help him with the initial capital to set up trusts for each of his three sons and this gave him a peace of mind that any monies from his estate to be injected into their trust accounts after his demise will be used to take care of them. This peace of mind is exactly what SNTC wants to bring to families with special needs dependants.


In all, STEP SG raised a total of $72,425 with cost associated with the event being less than 7% of the amount raised. We will like to thank all attendees, voulnteers and donors for their contributions and help in making this event a success. We will also like to thank the wonderful string quartet for their lovely classical music and the helpful crew from Food for thought. Thank you, together we have made a difference.

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