As the Indonesia Tax Amnesty comes into effect in 2016, this lunchtime talk saw overwhelming interest and the committee decided to schedule the talk into two sessions.  Aside from the usual professionals and practitioners participants, this talk saw many individual participants that wanted to understand the scheme better. 

We are fortunate to have Mr Herdin Syafari of Rawlinson and Hunter Singapore sharing the schematics of the Tax Amnesty Programme.  He gave the audience the timeline, requirements and technical aspects of the Tax Amnesty Programme.  One of the key highlight is for the audience to understand the definition of income as defined in the Tax Amnesty Programme and also what is the submission process. 

Unsurprisingly, the Q&A session was swarm by questions from the audience.  In both sessions, the talk has to be extended arising from the long Q&A.

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Contributed by:

Ashley Ong

Executive Director,  Lion Trust (Singapore) Limited

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