A deliberately small group of STEP members in senior management gathered on 18 Jan 2019 to glean insights on the future of jobs in finance from former GIC veteran Choy Siew Kai. Lecturing at Stanford University on the same subject and based on consulting research with cutting-edge financial institutions, SK shared with us his frank views on the local impact of global trends in the deployment of AI in portfolio management by the most sophisticated investors, including demanding family offices.

In essence, AI models and analytical tools can augment but not replace our role as trusted advisors in guiding wealth owning families grow and protect their assets across generations. The future of jobs in finance remains “High Tech, High Trust, High Touch” - which augurs very well for us in the trust and wealth structuring industry.

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Contributed by: 

Ms. Chan Ee Lin

Director, Tax & Legal, Family Enterprise Consulting, Deloitte Private


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