Piercing the Veil of the Company and Trust: An International Comparative Analysis (23 March 2011, 5-7.30pm, STI Auditorium – Capital Tower)

Tim Prudhoe, from UK law firm Kobre & Kim joined us for our monthly sessions last February 15th, at the STI Auditorium at Capital Tower.

His presentation was well attended by trust managers based in Singapore and started off with our guest walking us through the legal concept of the company and how it has evolved over time in the western world and the two main currents of thought. He later moved towards the Trust jurisprudence on the matter including the main areas to focus.


Over the Q & A session Tim shared with us his knowledge on the subject at length, including his experiences as a practicing attorney in the BVI and Bermuda, as well as commenting on well known cases involving trust around the world. It was a well balanced discussion including comments on the wide offer of fiduciary solutions available to practitioners, such as Foundations.





Unit Trusts 101 (9 March 2011, 12-2pm, FTSE Room – Capital Tower)   


STEP Singapore was pleased to have speakers from Maples and Calder speaking on unit trusts, the fundamental concepts and operations. Unit trust structure is increasingly being used by private clients as a collective investment vehicle. Such a vehicle allows family to hold diversified classes of assets, family members hold units in the trust.

This topic generated a good discussion from the audience, many of whom were in the institutional trustee business.

Contributed By: Goh Seow Chee - JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A.

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