Dear Members, 

Its been a hectic month with various matters juggling on my plate. At work, there were new things that were being looked into and implemented such as amending company’s materials and documents and informing clients about PDPA policies and also the registration for a GINN for FATCA purposes. I’m sure your own organizations were also similarly engaged in these aspects too. I also had the “experience” for the first time when I recently appeared as witness in a case (some 3 hours) where we were suing on behalf of an estate for a medical negligence claim. It’s a reminder of the times when as a young lawyer, I was the one doing the cross-examination but now, its the other way round. On STEP, with my recent STEP S’pore Branch chairperson appointment, I’m glad we managed to get off on a good start with the seminar on international and cross border succession on 31st July. On the same day, it was the graduation ceremony of those who completed the 2014 STEP Cert in Estate Planning and Trusts for Financial Services. Heartiest congratulations to those graduates! Quite soon on the STEP horizon, there will be two major conferences: The Asia-Pacific Conference in Hong Kong in Oct (8th -9th) and the Global Conference in Miami (6th -7th Nov). Hope to see you in either of these events and I’ll buy drinks for the Singapore contingent if you’re there! Finally, I do a few estate planning and trusts talks now and then. I now tell the audiences that lately there has been a jump in our wills business- no wonder, with aircraft disasters happening one after another, this is something very fresh in everybody’s minds. With the frequency of travel these days, when clients are about to travel out of the country, they are more than anxious to get their wills executed. At a recent meeting, I was with some advisers figuring out the complexities relating to the deaths of a foreign couple, based in Singapore and who unfortunately died in the recent MH17 tragedy. Remind clients that life is fragile. 

Lee Chiwi

Chairperson, STEP (Singapore Branch), 2014-2015

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